Protect 30% of our lands, waters and ocean by 2030

The 30x30 campaign supports the global movement to protect at least 30% of our land, waters and ocean by 2030. With thanks to the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, The Ocean Project has made 30x30 an organizational priority.

Globally, we have incorporated 30x30 into World Ocean Day as the Conservation Action Focus in 2020 and 2021, with plans for further expansion in 2022. Organizers from a wide array of organizations, ranging from schools and clubs to aquariums and zoos, have incorporated 30x30 into their online and in-person events, making good use of the tools and resources we have provided, including, for example, an online petition in 2021. That petition, created in collaboration with the Campaign for Nature, enabled organizations and individuals alike to call on world leaders to support the goal. More than 1,100 organizations from more than 80 countries signed the petition, a critical show of support in advance of international discussions leading up to a meeting of the parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity that will now take place in 2022.

In the U.S., we are coordinating a working group that is identifying and developing tools and resources to help zoos, aquariums and science museums understand 30x30, effectively raise public awareness, document public opinion and inform policymakers about 30x30, all in keeping with the approach to achieving the goal under the “America the Beautiful” initiative. The working group is comprised of Frost Science, National Aquarium, New England Aquarium, Philadelphia Zoo, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance and Seattle Aquarium, as well as advisors from the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA), the Aquarium Conservation Partnership, National Ocean Protection Coalition, and a specialist on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.  Notably, the efforts of this working group build upon many years of research, as well as the successes and lessons learned of numerous visitor engagement campaigns The Ocean Project has conducted in partnership with zoos, aquariums and science museums. The tools developed in collaboration with the working group will be posted here as they become available and also shared with AZA members via the 30x30 Community of the AZA Network.

While these tools are focused on advancing ocean conservation in the U.S., but many can be easily adapted for use by zoos, aquariums and science museums advancing nature conservation efforts around the world.

Background essentials (See also the "Messaging Kit" below)

Tools for raising public awareness

  • 30x30 Messaging Kit - This document includes talking points and responses to tough questions, as well as general messaging guidance, specific suggestions for social media, sample scripts for in-person engagements, and more.
  • Templates for banners and posters - Designed to help zoos, aquariums and museums raise public awareness, the banner and poster templates enable each organization to insert its own photos, logos, and links while remaining consistent with the overall messaging. For those interested in emphasizing the global movement for 30x30 or linking to efforts under AZA SAFE please note that alternative wording for the banner, poster and postcard templates referenced below can be found here.

Banner Options

For InDesign templates of these banner options, click here.

Poster Options

For InDesign templates of these banner options, click here.

  • Explainer video - Mystic Aquarium independently produced this short video and has graciously agreed to allow other aquariums, zoos, and museums to show and share it, with a longer sequence at the front where those organizations can add their own logo. Please note that additional videos are now in production and expected to arrive in early 2022!

Tools for documenting public opinion

  • Templates for Postcards - Postcards have proven to be a simple yet highly effective way to gather visitor input. Please consider asking your audiences to share their views by signing a postcard that your organization, in turn, can collect and share with local or national leaders.

Postcard Options

For InDesign templates of these postcard options, click here

  • New/Mode- We are very excited to be able to offer zoos, aquariums and museums use of a digital sign-on tool free of charge courtesy of the Aquarium Conservation Partnership (ACP).  When you direct your audiences to this link, and an individual participates, this tool will forward their support directly to their representatives in Washington DC.  Additional information about the use of New/Mode, including how to embed the link on your website, and answers to questions received about the data collection involved, can be found here.

 Tools for informing policymakers

  • Letters-to-the-editor - Two templates, one for ocean and one for land focus. These templates can be tailored for your specific audience and emphases - coming soon!
  • Op-ed - A template that combines both ocean and land-based conservation for you to tailor to your area and for your audience - coming soon!
  • Guidance on informing policymakers - A short overview with tips on how to engage with policymakers and advance your mission - coming soon!

 Additional resources 

Coming soon!