30×30 Annual Update for 2022 Released

Photo thanks to Fabrice Dudenhofer / Ocean Image Bank.

For more than three years, we have catalyzed collective action in support of protecting at least 30% of our lands, waters, and ocean by 2030 (“30×30”). We have catalyzed collective action in support of 30×30 by collaborating with youth leaders, zoos, aquariums, museums and over 2,000 others partners in our global network. These and other efforts to raise awareness, document support and inform policymakers were rewarded when more than 190 countries signed a global agreement for 30×30 in December 2022 – the largest conservation commitment in history!

Our focus now is to make sure that national leaders follow through on their promises. The focus now is all about advocating for the implementation of policies and programs that are necessary to reach the 30×30 goals. To help do so, and we will grow our efforts with our youth engagement and leadership initiative; with World Ocean Day and its growing global network; and also with zoos, aquariums and museums.

Please see our 30×30 Annual Update: Advancing Progress, Together.

The year ahead will be a critical time to support efforts that ensure that national leaders are serious about their commitments to land and ocean conservation! Now we need more action on the ground and in the water for all countries and also stronger protection for the High Seas! To stay informed and involved, please make sure you’re receiving email updates: click here. You can also follow us on social media: on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

We’re excited to collaborate with you in the months and years ahead! Thank you to all our Partners for your leadership in advancing conservation and to our Supporters and especially those who provide long-term support that allows us to grow the collective impact of our truly collaborative networks and campaigns for our blue planet, for a healthy ocean and a stable climate.

One ocean, one climate, one future – Together!