As a result of our commitment to enhancing the effectiveness of our partners over the last 25 years, ZAM leaders from around the country continue to provide us with feedback, including the following:

“We are extremely grateful for the + portion of the Innovative Solutions Grants+ Program. We honestly could not have done it without the coaching. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of such an incredibly rewarding experience. It has truly been an honor.”

- Elizabeth Clemens, Director of Education, and Syndi Castelluccio, Education Volunteer Coordinator, Riverbanks Zoo & Garden

The Virginia Aquarium’s partnership with The Ocean Project has begun to transform the way we think about engaging our customers on ocean issues, including communicating with our staff, volunteers and the general public. Feedback from our initial trials with strategic messaging have been very positive and have demonstrated the value of TOP’s market research and guidance in assisting the Virginia Aquarium’s conservation mission.

- Mark Swingle, former Director of Research & Conservation, Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

I think the full body of [The] Ocean Project work helps to shape and provide greater relevance for all of us in the aquarium realm. We are pleased to be involved here at the Seattle Aquarium.

- Robert W. Davidson, CEO, Seattle Aquarium

Reports from The Ocean Project have empowered us to shift our communication style and program engagement strategies in order to better meet learners where they are. We are better able to engage conversationally with learners around complex ocean issues, such as ocean acidification and climate change, with the resources they have provided.

- Melissa A. Williams, Feiro Marine Life Centerformer VP, Learning, John G. Shedd Aquarium and now Executive Director, Feiro Marine Life Center

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium has greatly appreciated The Ocean Project’s market research on peoples’ attitudes towards ocean health issues and especially attitudes towards ocean acidification. We are carefully considering the data as we craft new exhibits and public programs to educate people about climate change issues specific to the ocean.

- Mike Schaadt, Director Emeritus, Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

Mystic Aquarium has recently participated in two excellent sessions led by The Ocean Project. The first opened the eyes of a large group of staff and volunteers to people’s perceptions of ocean conservation. The second, more focused charrette, brought together the leaders of our organization and opened up the lines of communication between departments to think about the areas of conservation that we should focus on. The session helped us to understand how the market research could be integrated into the designing of our conservation messaging to best engage visitors in the issues that they care about. The Ocean Project continues to work with us on our implementation plan and provide up to date information and resource.

- Kelly E. Matis, VP Education & Public Conservation Programs, Mystic Aquarium

Without realizing Texas State Aquarium’s involvement, I studied up on The Ocean Project so that I would have the latest data in hand for my interview. Great stuff!

- Leslie Peart, former Director of Education and Conservation, Texas State Aquarium

While the campaign is still just in its infancy, I have already seen it grow from 20 young volunteers crammed in a back room at the Seattle Aquarium brainstorming ideas with The Ocean Project mentors to nearly 10 groups of almost as many volunteers working at simultaneously on different projects to support the same vision and collaborating on major ideas. This campaign has allowed my leadership to flourish and has allowed me to feel like I’m making a difference in an area I am passionate about. Saving the world has always been my life goal, and this project has given me the chance to start on that path.

- Anja Brandon Drevitch, former Youth Volunteer for “Puget Sound: We Love You,” Seattle Aquarium and now Ph.D. candidate at Stanford University