First Friday Webinar Series

The First Friday webinar series ran monthly from 2018-early 2023 and focused on how to strategically, safely, and cost-effectively get more involved in conservation engagement, policy, and advocacy. The webinars were developed for those working at visitor-serving organizations who interact with guests, community partners, public officials, and supporters and were made possible thanks in large part to the generous support of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

With our organizational pivot starting in 2023, we are no longer conducting these webinars. We now focus on youth advocacy and leadership training programs and maximizing collective impact with World Ocean Day events in June and continuing engagement opportunities throughout the year.  If you have any questions or suggestions for how we can help you, let us know!

2023 Webinars


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2021 Webinars

  • Webinar 36/December 3: How to leverage your commitment and encourage support for “America the Beautiful” and 30x30
    • Douglas Meyer, Strategic Advisor for Public Engagement at The Ocean Project hosted this session featuring Q&A with: Erin Eastwood, Program Director at the National Ocean Protection Coalition; Kim McIntyre, Executive Director at Aquarium Conservation Partnership; and Taylor Englesman, Content and Evaluation Specialist at the New England Aquarium.
  • Webinar 35/October 1: How zoos and aquariums can support teen self-care and success
    • Baylee Ritter, Youth Advisor for The Ocean Project, hosted this session that featured special guests, Sathvik Nallagatla, Brookfield Zoo; Sylvia Wysor, Roger Williams Park Zoo; and Kaylee Whitley, North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores.
  • Webinar 34/September 3: Previewing Public Engagement & Conservation Sessions at the AZA Annual Conference
    • Featuring Cheryl Andrews, Director of Conferences at AZA, with a conference overview, followed by several session organizers for a discussion of some of the most important topics impacting efforts aimed at advancing conservation.
  • August - no monthly webinar with "August recess"
  • Webinar #33/July 2: Recent Successes and Expanding Opportunities around 30×30
    • Featuring Erin Eastwood, Program Director at the National Ocean Protection Coalition; Dani Hogan, Director of Mission Integration at the Philadelphia Zoo, ; Kim McIntyre, Director of the Aquarium Conservation Partnership; and Bill Mott, Director, The Ocean Project | World Ocean Day  
  • June - no monthly webinar with all hands on deck for World Ocean Day month and the conservation action focus on 30x30
  • Webinar #32/ May 7: #Trending: Social Media for Effective Youth Engagement in Conservation
    • Featuring Hailey Bortel, Digital Marketing Manager at Seattle Aquarium; Shannon Kemp, Communications Specialist Social Media at NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores; Kate Sutter, the new social media coordinator at The Ocean Project/World Ocean Day; and Baylee Ritter, Strategic Advisor, Youth Initiative at The Ocean Project
  • Webinar #31/ April 2: Getting Fishy With It!
    • Featuring Jo Knight, Communications Advisor to the Marine Fish Conservation Network, and Melanie Kudra, Education Engagement Specialist at the Texas State Aquarium
  • Webinar #30/ March 5: Planning for World Ocean Day and Party for the Planet!
    • Featuring Emma Shahabi, World Ocean Day Coordinator at The Ocean Project, Kelly Kryc, Director of Ocean Policy at the New England Aquarium, and Amy Rutherford, Director of Professional Development and Education at AZA
  • Webinar #29/ February 5: A Promising Framework and Roadmap for Audience Conservation Engagement
    • Featuring Emily Routman, of Emily Routman Associates, who will provide an overview of the framework and roadmap, and Kirstie Ruppert, Social Scientist at San Diego Zoo Global, who will discuss the application of this approach to a recent visitor engagement effort in support of the Endangered Species Act
  • Webinar #28/ January 8: The Conservation Calendar in 2021
    • Featuring Sarah Guy, Director of Strategy and Outreach, Ocean Defense Initiative and Justin Kenney, Senior Advisor for Ocean and Climate, United Nations Foundation

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