Webinar Series: Making Conservation Happen

The “Making Conservation Happen” webinar series focuses on how to strategically, safely, and cost-effectively get more involved in conservation policy engagement and advocacy. The webinars are recommended for those who interact with guests, community partners, public officials, and supporters.

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Held on the first Friday of each month during the lunch /brunch hour (1pm east coast/10am west coast), these webinars are a great opportunity to host a professional development session with your team. Most are 30-45 minutes.

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Most recent webinar:

#24 (September 4th) - Emerging opportunities to advance 30×30

Featuring Greg Zimmerman, Senior Fellow and Communications Director. Greg focused on the campaign to conserve 30% of the planet in a natural state by the year 2030 and discussed how zoos and aquariums can get more involved in this national and global campaign to safeguard the natural world upon which we all depend and inspire visitors to take action to conserve lands, waters, and wildlife.

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