Youth Advocacy Training for Ocean & Climate Action

Since 2019 we have been conducting free online environmental literacy, leadership, and advocacy training programs for youth and conducting special webinars. These are designed for youth, ages 13-23 but open to any young person.

Each program is four weeks, with one hour sessions each week.  So far in 2024, we've held two youth advocacy training programs, with approximately 1,000 youth from 120 countries registered. Later this year we will will conduct another round of youth advocacy training. Click here to subscribe to our monthly youth newsletter, Rising Blue Network Newsletter, to receive info about events and opportunities, and announcements about upcoming training  programs and webinars. The newsletter goes out the first week of each month.

The advocacy training sessions build upon and refine the existing advocacy skills of attendees, integrate civic learning, and encourage strengthened collaborative conservation action - locally, nationally, and globally. The training program is continually evolving, shaped by experienced leaders working in ocean and climate advocacy and current members and alumni of the World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council. Each session includes different co-leaders, and youth will be connected by interest area and/or geography following each session so they can collaborate going forward.

Click here to watch recorded episodes from previous trainings and webinars (via our World Ocean Day YouTube channel).

Here's an overview of each of the sessions:

Session 1 - The Ocean-Climate Connection

  • Focuses on understanding the crucial role that advocating for ocean conservation plays in addressing the climate crises. This session emphasizes the challenges and explores potential solutions to bridging the gap in understanding and awareness of this connection to decision makers and the public. Attendees will be inspired and motivated to contribute actively to the movement.

Session 2 - Event Planning & Fundraising

  • Focuses on demonstrating what it takes to plan an event or campaign - from recruiting the right people to your team, where to look for funding and how to get it, and engaging with your community for a lasting impact. Attendees will learn tangible principles, tips, and how-tos on planning effective events and fundraising that they can pass along to their communities.

Session 3 - Social Media & Communications

  • Focuses on how to develop proper messaging for conservation campaigns including formulating calls-to-action for social media, writing op-eds, letters, and other types of communication. Attendees will learn how to effectively communicate campaign goals and progress to diverse audiences, and strategies for utilizing various platforms to connect with these audiences.

Session 4 - Campaign Organizing

  • Focuses on the importance of organizing campaigns and events in partnership and collaboration with others. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of how to build collective power within a movement, with the capacity to make a bigger impact than if individuals acted on their own.

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Rise Up! Webinar

From early 2020  until 2022, this youth-led monthly webinar series connected young people, including those associated with youth groups, schools, aquariums, zoos, and more with a global online community of change makers focused on protecting our shared blue planet – together!  By youth and for youth, each webinar highlighted what youth are doing to safeguard the ocean, protect the climate, address other interconnected issues, and provide opportunities for how to get involved.

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