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Internship Opportunities

The Ocean Project advances ocean conservation in partnership with zoos, aquariums, museums (ZAMs), and other institutions and organizations. We are the largest global network focused on these issues – with more than 2,000 partner organizations in 150 countries. However, we are a small organization with 3.5 FTEs, so interns get plenty of responsibility, real work experience, and great connections. We depend on bright, energetic, creative, and responsible interns to help us achieve our vision of a more sustainable society and a healthier world ocean.

We have opportunities year round for one or two interns. We seek creative individuals with solid communications (electronic, verbal and written) and analytical thinking skills. A marine science background is not required. We are a virtual organization, with main office based in Providence, RI, USA.

The Ocean Project provides opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as those who are recently graduated. Based on education, experience, and time commitment, interns may receive a stipend and/or academic credit. Responsibilities are continually changing and also depend on the intern’s interests. Please review our blog for an overview of what we are working on at the moment and in your application bring to our attention what you would, ideally, focus on and help us with.

If interested, submit a cover letter, resume, and brief writing sample (no more than three pages) to the address below (electronic communication preferred). Interns are accepted on a rolling basis.

Send applications to:
The Ocean Project Internships
bmott [at]

Volunteer Opportunities

The Ocean Project has a home for all volunteers who are interested in helping our world’s ocean! Please continue reading to learn more about a few of the main volunteer opportunities with us, but also feel free to suggest other ways you could help out based on your interests, experience, education, or geographic location. We want you to have fun as you help improve things!

Be a Representative for The Ocean Project in your Community

Translate our website into other languages.

Many of our web pages are relevant worldwide, especially those associated with World Oceans Day. We are beginning to translate our site into other languages by using translation tools that are often very successful at quality translation. We need native speakers to review translations and choose between various versions.

Encourage organizations to join as a Partner.

Do you know an aquarium, zoo, museum, nature center, school, or another type of educational institution, organization, or agency that shares The Ocean Project’s commitment to a better future for our blue planet? If so, and they are not already a Partner, convince them to join our network through our online join form. There is no cost for an organization to join this growing global network.

Help us Fundraise or make connections!

As a non-profit organization, The Ocean Project needs funds in order to pursue our mission. We pursue funding from a wide range of sources. You can help by pursuing funding on our behalf by talking to those people you know with available funds. We have had success raising funds through grant proposals written with volunteers. If you have strong writing skills, please help develop grant proposals. Or help us get in contact with funding opportunities you think we should pursue.

If you are interested, please contact Bill Mott.

Spread the Word!

Of top importance, and even if you can’t commit to volunteering, we hope you will use all available social networking tools and your own successful communications skills to invite others to help protect our world’s ocean! Like The Ocean Project on Facebook. You’ll stay connected and get all the latest news, plus we appreciate your show of support. You can also follow us on Twitter to get daily tips for how you can live with the ocean in mind.