You Can Help our Ocean and Climate

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Sometimes it feels like individual actions are just a drop in the ocean, but together we can make a big difference!

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Vote and Inspire Government Officials to Act Now

The biggest changes need to come from governments and companies. As a conservation-minded constituent, your communications will help!

One of the most important things you can do is to vote! Also, whether or not you are old enough to vote, you can support the best candidates for ocean/climate action by sharing their information on social media or donating money to their campaigns.

Help elect political candidates who represent your values and have a plan to address conservation needs. It also helps to contact your elected officials, no matter where they are on the political spectrum, and voice your thoughts and opinions. For those politicians already elected, let them know that you want them to address these issues in meaningful ways. The choices they make -- or fail to make -- decides public policy and that has huge implications for the future of our planet. Remember that with politicians who are doing a really good job, a short thank you helps reinforce their commitment to push forward even harder. And you can multiply your impact by sharing information and ways to join you in helping -- with your friends, at your school or place of work, and with your relatives.

Contact us if you need more information: [email protected]. Here are a few websites (mainly for United States so please let us know about other opportunities in additional countries) for more information:

"Vote" with What you Choose to Buy, or Not

As mentioned, the biggest changes need to come from governments and companies, and as a conservation-minded consumer, how you choose to spend your money does help!

With corporations and businesses you can help by "voting" with your money. How you choose to spend your money matters. Much of the fate of our collective future depends on corporate action - or inaction - so contact major corporations and businesses via social media and in other ways to let them know that you want to see them strong take action to help create a more sustainable future, including a healthy ocean and a stable climate.

As with politicians, for companies and businesses that are doing a really good job, a short thank you helps reinforce their commitment to do even more for our collective future. And you can multiply your impact by sharing information and ways to join you in helping -- with your friends, at your school or place of work, and with your relatives.

More Ways You Can Help

Every bit that you do really does make a difference! Here are some key opportunities to help throughout 2024 with 12 Months of Action!

You can also create your own Ocean/Climate Venn Diagram, with thanks to Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson:

Venn Diagram

A few other really important ways you can help include:

  • switch to renewable energy at home and if you rent, ask your landlord to make changes to be more energy efficient and source from renewable energy
  • use public transportation more and bike if you can; drive less or not at all if you're able to do so
  • eat more vegetables and fruits and locally sourced food, and reduce your consumption of meat (especially beef) and savor your seafood (or go vegetarian, altogether)
  • share this and related information!

Want to go deeper? Check out Regeneration, especially their Nexus actions and Punch Lists . Delve into Project Drawdown's Solutions Library.

Together, we will make a real difference! We hope you will invite others to help protect our world’s ocean and create a stable climate!  Follow us and share the info through our World Ocean Day social media platforms at Twitter , Facebook, and Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Donate for the Ocean

Help us collaboratively create a better world! As a not-for-profit organization, generous contributions make it possible for us to pursue our work. We are a lean, dedicated, and effective team so every contribution goes far for impact!

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Host an Event

You can get more involved in your community by bringing people together to celebrate our ocean and take action. It's easy to host an event or activity for World Ocean Day in June and any of the other 364 days of the year. We all love the ocean every day and it needs our help throughout the year!

Check out all the ideas and resources to help you plan an impactful celebration, and don't forget to register it so we can share it with the world!

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