New Guide Available to Engage Visitors on Conservation Policy Issues

The Ocean Project is pleased to offer a guide summarizing how to apply a successful approach to engaging visitors on policy issues in a way that will raise their awareness, document their support, and enhance their experience, and then sharing that support with policymakers in a way that resonates.

The Guide to Effectively Engaging the Visiting Public in Fisheries Policy is based on a successful effort developed and implemented in partnership with the Florida Aquarium, Mystic Aquarium, New England Aquarium, Seattle Aquarium, Texas State Aquarium and Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center.  That effort was singled out as an example of powerful and effective messaging by Heartwired to Love the Ocean, and the many of the lessons learned are now being applied in a campaign in collaboration with the Aquarium Conservation Partnership.  While the original effort was centered on support for science-based fisheries policies, and the new campaign on the related issue of protecting forage fish, the core concepts are relevant to a wide array of issues.

For more about the original effort, a summary can be found here.