A Global Perspective on Effective Ocean Messaging

In our latest First Friday Webinar, we had the pleasure of welcoming Sophie Hulme, a cofounder of Communications Inc and one of the essential organizers of the OneOcean Flotilla. Check out the webinar recording below.

The Flotilla, as Sophie explains is, “an unbranded, collective drive to achieve maximum impact for the ocean.”  This innovative effort is aimed at bringing ocean organizations — including The Ocean Project and our global network — together at strategic moments to, as she puts it, “raise their sails around common messages, narrative and asks,” all informed by the work of scientists and other experts. During the webinar Sophie addresses the relevance of this work for key issues including 30×30 and the ocean climate connection, and explains the need to “Drop the S” when we speak about the ocean.  Be sure to watch all the way to the end as Sophie dives deeper into the application at aquariums, zoos and museums. (As an aside, The Ocean Project is intentionally singular, and since our involvement nearly 20 years ago with the ocean literacy movement in North America and then in Europe, we have continually supported the concept of one ocean. Stay tuned, as further changes are forthcoming for 2021!)

Going forward, we will continue to share the good work of the Flotilla with you, especially as related to our emerging campaigns to advance 30×30 and ensure science-based fisheries and other ocean policies. Please contact me ([email protected]) , if you are interested in learning more about those efforts, and how your aquarium , zoo, or museum can participate at the level that is the best fit in these undeniably tough times. We already have more than 40 institutions getting ready to go, and all sizes of boats are welcome!  As we were reminded in this webinar, the important thing is that we come together around key issues at key moments, engaging visitors and informing decision makers, as part of the larger flotilla that is the ocean conservation movement!

Last but not least a reminder that our next First Friday Webinar will actually be on the second Friday of 2021, as in 1pm ET on January 8, 2021 and will feature two leading ocean advocates offering an overview of the key moments they see on the ocean calendar during the year ahead. If you are not yet on our email list, please subscribe here to get info about upcoming webinars.

Here’s the webinar in case you’d like to watch and please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions: