Uniting to Build Ocean Literacy with Children

As part of our growing youth initiative – helping to engage, educate, and activate young people around the world – we’re excited to announce the launch of a free online resource to promote ocean awareness and literacy, the Global Ocean & Aquatic Library (GOAL).

Since our inception 20 years ago, The Ocean Project has been a strong proponent of engaging children in age and developmentally appropriate ways. We started coordinating World Oceans Day in 2002 as a unique opportunity for our partners to engage their visitors and the public, including many opportunities for children and their parents to get involved. For instance, we’ve partnered for the last several years with the Octonauts to bring fun ways to engage young children in learning about the ocean. We’re now adding Splash & Bubbles in 2018 as an additional key partner to help better engage this demographic.

To help instill a stronger sense of the importance of the ocean and the interconnectedness of life with young children, and their families, we developed a partnership with Unite for Literacy in 2017 to create and curate a series of children’s books related to the ocean. To kick off the partnership, we published our first children’s book, World Oceans Day, which was narrated by World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council members and others in multiple languages, and is available as a free online resource. Printed copies of the books have been distributed worldwide and are available to distribute to your community for 2018 (Click here for more info).

The World Oceans Day book served as the cornerstone for GOAL, which currently features over 20 ocean and aquatic themed books developed by our ever-expanding network of partners. All books are available to print and distribute widely in communities around the world. For 2018, we are also introducing an “Ocean Heroes” series of books and other fun ways to engage children and their families in learning more about how we are all connected to the ocean, no matter where we live. If you would like to learn more about becoming an author for GOAL or are interested in sharing these books with your community, let us know, as we are always looking for new partners!

2018 corporate marketing sponsorships available but going fast. Further information: [email protected]