Communicating Conservation: Weekly Resources and News

The Ocean Project posts weekly roundups of the key strategic ocean and climate communication resources we’ve been tweeting. Each link will be posted with a short description of what you’ll find—please feel free to ask us any questions!
Lots of good stuff this week, so let’s dive in:

News & Discussion

Check out these timely articles and essays which may be helpful for framing various environmental issues, connecting with specific audiences, or otherwise informing your storytelling and communications.

  • Who is to blame for American climate inaction?
    A new report from Harvard scholar Theda Skocpol has caused a bit of a hullabaloo in the environmental community, particularly those who like to engage online. Super, super simplified: the report posits that environmental groups mistakenly put their money into “insider grand bargaining” in an effort to get cap-and-trade legislation passed, while underestimating the radical shift to the right many Republicans had made. Check out a summary here, interesting look forward from David Roberts of Grist here.
  •  Where oh where have the environmental journalists gone!
    You may have heard last week that the New York Times has dismantled its environment desk. Even worse, turns out there are only “about a dozen” environment reporters left at the Top 5 US papers. Inside Climate News lays out the situation, and it’s not pretty. As the consequences of environmental degradation get more serious, our quality news coverage of these issues is flagging. We at The Ocean Project are wondering: what implications could this have for trusted messengers, such as our zoo, aquarium, and museum partners?


Some studies, market research, toolkits, and strategies that may be helpful when communicating about conservation and climate change.