A First Friday Focus on the Future for 30×30

After taking a break from our First Friday Webinar Series in June to focus on what was a very successful World Ocean Day, we came back with a bang in July with an update on the ongoing efforts and opportunities to continue to raise public awareness, document public support and inform policymakers about the need to conserve at least 30% of the lands, waters and ocean by 2030, known as 30×30. 

Thanks to support from The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, The Ocean Project is coordinating a working group of aquariums and zoos, as well as a science center, and collaborating with advisors from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), the Aquarium Conservation Partnership (ACP), the National Ocean Protection Coalition (NOPC) and an expert in diversity, equity, inclusion and access.

The webinar began with Bill Mott providing an overview of the successes around World Ocean Day 2021, including widespread incorporation of the conservation action focus, which asked organizations and individuals alike to sign in support of 30×30 at an online petition developed with the Campaign for Nature.

Erin Eastwood, Program Director at the National Ocean Protection Coalition, gave an update on the latest policy developments around 30×30, covering the recent period from President Biden’s issuing an executive order with a national goal of 30×30 in January to the administration’s recent release of a well-received report on how to get to 30×30, Conserving and Restoring America the Beautiful.“  

Dani Hogan, Director of Mission Integration at the Philadelphia Zoo, followed up on the need for ongoing efforts to raise awareness and document support for 30×30 by speaking to the ways that the Zoo has been incorporating related messaging and an ask into their exhibit, “Big Time.”  

Then to wrap things up, there was a discussion of some of the forthcoming tools from the working group, tools to help other aquariums, zoos and museums in effective outreach around 30×30, with Kim McIntyre,  Executive Director of ACP, flagging the opportunity for all to use the innovative advocacy and engagement platform “New Mode”!   

A copy of the full recording can be found here.  And for those working at an aquarium, zoo or  museum and who wants to get more involved, and explore ways to incorporate 30×30 into your own outreach, please join the expanding “30×30 Community” at https://network.aza.org and don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly!

Photo by Valentin Antonucci from Pexels