Conservation Policy Engagement Webinars for Zoos and Aquariums

Save the Date!

First Friday Brown Bag Webinar Series
on Conservation Policy Engagement 

  • December 7, 2018 – Reviewing the midterm election and the end of a Congress
  • January 11, 2019 – Previewing the new Congress and its influence points (*this webinar is scheduled for second Friday due to proximity to holidays)
  • Save the following dates for the rest of 2019 webinars (topics and speakers coming soon):
    • February 1
    • March 1
    • April 5
    • May 3
    • June 14
    • September 6
    • October 4
    • November 1
    • December 6
  • All webinars at 1pm-2pm Eastern/10am-11am Pacific

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WHAT:  In spring 2018, The Ocean Project launched a new webinar series aimed at helping aquariums and zoos engage strategically, safely, and effectively in conservation policy. We will continue the webinars through 2019 (taking a break in July and August). These webinars will be held at same time on the first Friday of each month (other than January webinar on Friday the 11th) and June (on Friday the 14th). The webinars will feature both zoo and aquarium staff as well as speakers from outside the industry.

WHO: Recommended participants are senior management, government relations, public relations, education and other community engagement staff, other staff with government relations responsibilities or a personal interest in learning more about engaging on conservation policy. Reserve one of your conference rooms, grab a lunch or brunch for west coasters and participate as a group! These will be geared toward US-based aquariums and zoos but open to all our partners.

WHY: The clock will soon run out on the current Congress and the new one that convenes on January 3rd has begun to take shape.  Regardless of which party controls the House and Senate, the election determined the composition and organization of a new Congress, and that will govern the tone and substance of policy and funding decisions impacting conservation. The upcoming webinars will build on previous episodes designed to demystify advocacy and provide participants with a basic level of understanding of how your institution can meaningfully engage on issues important to your mission.

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