Communications medley: Survey roundup and framing tips

In this week’s round up: How millennials are thinking about transportation, Americans view environment more important than growth, and the impacts of recent weather events on public perception of climate change.

If you’re a science communicator or educator at an informal science center (such as a zoo, aquarium, or museum) trying to understand the perspectives of your audience and find ways to promote conservation action – this is the round up for you! Every week we break down the most interesting recent news and best resources to help you frame the issues as effectively as possible. Some of these resources will be practical communications and framing tips, and others are great starting points for brainstorming future strategies.

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Today's surveys: Protecting our environment and climate change threats

Many around the world see climate change as a major threat - This 39-nation survey conducted by Pew Research Center dives into the question of whether or not individuals view climate change as a threat to their country. Did they survey your country? If so, what are the results and what can you do to make a difference?

 Americans want government action to protect the environment - According to a recent survey by Yale, American's do want their government to protect the environment. But, depending on what they want you to protect the environment from, well, that depends. Check out the link for additional info.

Communicating climate change: What to say and what not to!

Climate change communication: Key psychological research findings - This two-part report takes an interesting exploration into some of the psychological barriers we face when trying to engage the public in climate change discussions. The results are fascinating.

13 useful tips for climate action from the IPCC Report - More than likely you're aware that the IPCC has released another climate change report. Just as likely, you probably haven't read the massive document. This summary shares 13 important, actionable tips that you can incorporate into your programs today.

Can empathy help stop climate change? - Ever wonder why it doesn't work very effectively to tell people that climate change is a major threat to humans? Well, this article takes a look at some alternative ways to get the public to acknowledge climate change is indeed a threat not only to our lives, but to wildlife as well.

Don't give up on engaging conservatives - Have you ever experienced the difficulties of communicating climate change to conservative? I know I have! This article takes an interesting look at different ways to engage conservatives in climate change discourse.