Seas the Day December – Give Back to the Environment

The Seas the Day initiative encourages and empowers people to take ocean conservation personally. Each month, we feature a new conservation theme with ways to help so come back regularly for more ocean-friendly ideas and tips!Created mainly to support our partner ZAMs (Zoos, Aquariums, and Museums and other visitor-serving organizations involved in our growing network) in their efforts to motivate conservation action with their visitors, Seas the Day is for you to tailor for your own purposes. Please use any of the content verbatim and re-post on your own blog, social media channels, website, newsletter, etc. We have a large database of action tips and related content for you to use. Let us know what’s most helpful and what other types of information and resources we can provide to enhance your efforts to motivate action for the ocean.


Seas the Day in December – Eco-Holidays


 Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

Celebrate the spirit of the holidays. Celebrate life, joy, and wonder, as well as all of your conservation efforts over the past year. Give gifts that take into account the health of our blue planet.  And remember, some of the best gifts in life are also best for the planet, like the gifts of effort, knowledge, and time, all of which you can share plentifully with others in your family and community.

Turn the tide for the turtles

Make green choices when gift giving this holiday season. Save trees by sending send e-cards or cards made of recycled paper to family and friends. Giving presents to family and friends can also serve as an opportunity to giving a gift back to the environment. Eco-friendly gifts are a great way to show your appreciation for the ocean!

Fight for the fish

Try to make your holiday meals sustainable. Make informed decisions about the seafood you buy this season and play a large role in conserving the ocean’s precious fish populations. Being conscious of where your seafood comes from can help combat some of the major threats to the many marine species. Also consider buying local for your holiday meals to reduce your environmental impact, and reduce food waste by making just enough food and by composting leftovers.


Be the change you want to sea

Reflect on your conservation efforts from the past year and think about the changes you can make in 2014. Devote your New Year’s resolution for the health of our ocean as well as for the global community of people and species that depend on it. Simple New Year’s resolutions such as using a  reusable water bottle, bringing reusable bags to store, biking to work and incorporating more vegetarian meals into your diet can all make tremendous differences on the environment!


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