Seas the Day in August – Be Water Wise

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not ever man’s greed.”
“Water, water every where
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, every where,
nor any drop to drink.” 

 “Seas” the month of August by thinking about your water consumption. Our blue planet is covered in water, but most of it is salt water. Only 2.5% of our planet’s water is fresh and very little of it can be reached. The National Geographic estimates that only .007% of Earth’s water is available to us. Humans ourselves are water creatures, with a large percentage of our body being made up of water. We have a responsibility to make the water we use count!

By flickr user winterofdiscontent

By flickr user winterofdiscontent

Short showers are swell.

There is a finite amount of water in the world, and it’s a shame to let it all go down the drain, literally. Fifty gallons of water can be lost during a five minute shower! This month try timing yourself and seeing how quick you can shower.

Turning the water off when you are shaving, or soaping up will conserve even more of the freshwater that is necessary for us, and aquatic ecosystems. Quick tip: Use a low-flow showerhead to save water when you shower.

Reign in the rain.

In hot months like August, the garden needs to be watered often, which requires a lot of fresh water. Instead of using water from a hose, why not water your garden using rain water?

By Kristina Alexanderson, flickr user kalexanderson

By Kristina Alexanderson, flickr user kalexanderson

You can buy a barrel – or other large container – to collect rain water to use in your garden.

Select water saving appliances.

When you’re next shopping for appliances, pay attention to how efficient they are. Energy star and other water saving products will not only help the environment, but they’ll help you save some money! Compared to their less efficient counterparts these appliances utilize much less electricity and water, and are priced competitively! Quick tip: Looking to save water, but not in the market for a new appliance? Place a brick or a plastic bottle full of water into the holding tank of your toilet to turn it into a low flush toilet!

Picture by flickr user doug88888

Picture by flickr user doug88888

Use less water on laundry day.

Laundry accounts for almost 22% of indoor home water use! You can save water by buying a front loading machine. These use about half as much water as top-loading machines. Small changes can also help conserve water and energy. Make sure you adjust the settings to match your load size, and save energy by using cold water instead of hot water whenever possible.

Cover Photo by Steve Gatto, flickr user steve_steady64

The Seas the Day initiative encourages and empowers people to take ocean conservation personally. Each month, we feature a new conservation theme with ways to help so come back regularly for more ocean-helping ideas and tips!

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