Seas the Day in March – Become a conscious commuter!

The Seas the Day initiative is meant to encourage and empower people to begin taking ocean conservation personally. It was created mainly to support our partner ZAMs (Zoos, Aquariums, and Museums and other visitor-serving organizations involved in our growing network) in motivating visitors and other individuals, both onsite and online, for conservation action. We have a large database of action tips and related content for our partner ZAMs, as well as any interested individuals, to freely use and tailor for your own purposes. Please use any or all of our action content verbatim and re-post on your own blog, social media channels, website, or newsletter. Let us know what’s most helpful and if there are other action-able types of information and resources we can provide to enhance your ocean and climate conservation efforts.
Each month for the Seas the Day initiative, we feature new themed content and provide a few actionable ways to help so come back regularly for more ocean-helping ideas and tips!
Seas the Day in March Become a conscious commuter!
Spring is a time for new life and a great time to rethink how you transport yourself, especially commuting to work or school. Air pollution from transportation harms the ocean, leading to warmer temperatures and more acidic waters, and so everything we do to minimize our dependence on fossil fuels will help conserve corals reefs and other ocean life!
Stretch your legs: Try to walk and bike more often, park farther from your destination and walk the last bit, or take public transportation. Start now to organize a Bike to Work Day event during Bike Month in May. Fewer cars on the road means less traffic, lower greenhouse gas emissions, better air quality, and cleaner ocean waters.
Help create more sustainable transportation: Your personal changes will help protect our ocean, and you can multiply your positive effects for our ocean planet by helping to create a sustainable society. A big way to help is to improve public transportation where you live. Contact your elected officials, locally and nationally, and ask them to enhance public transportation opportunities in your community, by improving sidewalks, bicycle facilities, and bus shelters, smart land use planning, and getting local and regional governments to coordinate transit expansions. Increased mobility with public transit helps your local economy, and enhances your community’s quality of life by giving people more choices to get around. Plus, it helps our ocean!
Please let us know how you’re taking ocean conservation personally so we can share with others!

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