Did you know that the average American adult receives 41 pounds of junk mail per year?

Creating and shipping junk mail produces more greenhouse gas emissions than 9 million cars, and the adverse effects of these gases – for example, ocean acidification – are detrimental to the health of our ocean. The Ocean Project’s recent public opinion survey reveals that the general public has difficulty seeing the connection between C02 emissions, climate change, and the health of our ocean. As such, it is imperative that zoos, aquariums, and museums do more to direct their audiences to ways to help them realize the connection between their carbon footprint and ocean health.

One such organization is 41pounds.org, who partners with The Ocean Project to stop junk mail and unwanted catalogs. For every household that signs up, 41pounds.org will contact 20 to 35 direct mail companies to remove that household from marketing (junk mail) databases. The 41pounds.org service will eliminate between 80 and 95% of a household’s junk mail and specified catalogs, and lasts for 5 years. The cost to each participant is just $41.


When you sign up, be sure to designate The Ocean Project as the Supported Organization so that 41pounds.org will donate $15 of your subscription fee to The Ocean Project. These contributions can add up and help pay our interns!


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