Round-Up: Grassy lawns are SO out, Solar is SO in

In this week’s round-up: climate change’s impact on marine life, decoding sustainable development, and grassless, solar-powered homes. If you’re a science communicator or educator at an informal science center (such as a zoo, aquarium, or museum) trying to encourage conservation action – this is the round up for you! Every week we break down the […]

Seas the Day in August – Be Water Wise

The Seas the Day initiative encourages and empowers people to take ocean conservation personally. Each month, we feature a new conservation theme with ways to help so come back regularly for more ocean-friendly ideas and tips! Created mainly to support our partner ZAMs (Zoos, Aquariums, and Museums and other visitor-serving organizations involved in our growing network) in their efforts […]

Shark Week: ZAMs are taking a bite out of shark conservation projects

Many shark enthusiasts are taking advantage of the Shark Week hype to bring awareness to these misunderstood and mistreated animals. All around the world, our partner ZAMs (zoos, aquariums, and museums) are taking action to conserve shark populations while studying and bringing attention to the issues endangering sharks. Here are a few examples of the steps […]

Taking the dive part III – Seattle Aquarium takes action for World Oceans Day

In Part I of our series on conservation asks at World Oceans Day events, we explained the concept of seizing these unique opportunities to encourage your visitors to take environmentally-friendly actions (conservation ‘asks.’) In Part II of the series, we introduced you to how an innovative pilot program at California Academy of Sciences is exploring […]

Two fish with one hook: Conservation action at World Oceans Day Events

Many zoos, aquariums, and museums (ZAMs) consider inspiring conservation one of their major goals for interacting with their visitors and the public. Recently, many of our partner ZAMs helped their visitors take a first step for ocean conservation by getting them involved at World Oceans Day celebrations. Smart staff “caught two fish with one hook” […]