Communicating Climate Change and the Ocean

Monterey Bay Aquarium is hosting a “Communicating Climate Change and the Oceans Summit” from December 1-3. In prep for this meeting, they’ve posted some very useful information on the Summit’s website.

Among other resources, a Summary of U.S. Aquarium Research
contains much valuable info about what some of the participating institutions are doing, or planning, to address climate change and ocean health.

The site also includes a MBA Review of Public Opinion Surveys on Climate Change , completed this past summer.

In addition, The Ocean Project has recently completed our national public opinion survey, and at the Summit we will be presenting some of the findings regarding climate change and ocean health. The survey itself is huge, with 22,000 data points (American adults who participated in the survey) and much more analysis to be done. We will, however, be getting the findings out to our Partners and others in the ocean community in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned!

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Alyssa Isakower

Alyssa has consulted for The Ocean Project coordinating World Oceans Day since 2011 and is more excited for June 8th every year! She is interested in all things social media, and has been thrilled to work with partners of The Ocean Project around the world on exciting conservation outreach, both on the ground and online.

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