Partners for ocean conservation

Thank you to all our partner organizations for your active involvement in advancing aquatic and ocean awareness and conservation. Together, we are making a difference!We’d like to take this opportunity to send special thanks to our supporting partners! As 2015 appears on the horizon, we would like to ask all our partners to consider supporting us at a level that you feel is appropriate.

We are a small yet efficient and effective nonprofit. Our team is lean, including Alyssa Isakower, Douglas Meyer, and Bill Mott, plus a couple of bright and enterprising student interns… So each contribution, from $10 to $10,000, goes far in helping us help you and our other partners advance ocean conservation! Please contact us if you would like to contribute this year.


We’re working for ocean conservation

The Ocean Project is a strategic and collaborative organization, dedicated for the last 16 years to supporting our partner organizations, especially zoos, aquariums, museums (ZAMs), through development and dissemination of strategic resources and tools to help you and your team more effectively educate and communicate with your target audience for conservation outcomes:

Provided partners with cutting edge market and communications research – the largest public opinion research project ever done on the oceans, climate change, and related environmental concerns, and how to help engage and motivate your visitors and the public. This research allows our partners to be grounded in solid data in achieving your mission.

Launched World Oceans Day as a unique opportunity for our partners – to capture imaginations and engage millions of people in celebrating and protecting our ocean. Now UN-recognized, celebrated with Seuss and the Octonauts, and much more, we grew World Oceans Day from zero events in the US and very few others worldwide in 2002 to over 700 events last year in 70 countries and sizeable social media reach that doubled on Twitter just in the last year! The supporting help from several partners for World Oceans Day has helped considerably.

Brokered strategic conservation connections among the 2,000+ partner organizations involved in our growing network – your involvement has helped this global network grow into the largest ever created to protect and conserve our ocean.

Developed Innovative Solutions Grants+ Program to help engage ZAM visitors with solutions to ocean and climate issues – with NOAA funding, we award grants to innovation leaders that also come with pro bono strategic communications coaching throughout the grant period and technical expertise to catalyze peer-to-peer sharing and learning. The lessons learned benefit the ZAM community as a whole.


Looking forward

Collectively, we are creating a more sustainable society and a healthier ocean. We look forward to doing much more in 2015 to help you and our other partners:

  • Create a bigger and more impactful World Oceans Day 2015 – including: new educational and marketing resources, environmental event organizer action toolkits, an exciting new partnership with the Octonauts, facilitation of collaborations with the UN, and much more, promoting   aquariums as the key anchors for ocean conservation leadership in your community.
  • Release new market and communications research with fresh data and communications and visitor engagement recommendations to assist your team in becoming more effective in engaging your visitors for measurable outcomes.
  • Benefit from a third round of NOAA funding for the Innovative Solutions Grants+ Program, with strategic communications and technical support.
  • Leverage our network to create synergies for you – in all 50 US states and 75 other countries. For those interested, we are facilitating connections among our partners with other ocean groups and experts, both geographically and topically.


Thank you once again for all you do to help our blue planet and create a better future. Thank you, also, for considering making a donation that will help us accelerate the positive change!

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