Communications medley: costs of climate change and the power of storytelling

In this week’s round up: Talking to businesses about the economic impacts of climate change, and the importance of being a good story teller.

If you’re a science communicator or educator at an informal science center (such as a zoo, aquarium, or museum) trying to understand the perspectives of your audience and find ways to promote conservation action – this is the round up for you! Every week we break down the most interesting recent news and best resources to help you frame the issues as effectively as possible. Some of these resources will be practical communications and framing tips, and others are great starting points for brainstorming future strategies.

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Dollars and Sense

Risking it all: Report highlights how climate change threatens US business - Could climate change actually affect worker output? Extreme heat expected to reduce labor productivity, while sea level rise poses additional threats to East Coast businesses.

Plastic Tide 'Causing $13 Billion in Damage', UN Says - Ocean plastic and marine debris take a hit on our wallets. According to the UN, It is estimated that the dumping of plastic waste into world oceans causes $13 billion worth of damage annually to marine life, fisheries, and tourism industries.

Putting a Price Tag on Nature’s Defenses - Think building levees is expensive? Coastal marshes and wetlands - and not levees - are our number one defense against storms, soil erosion, and other natural disasters. The value of these ecosystem services is estimated to be well into the trillions, making them an irreplaceable commodity.

What’s the story? 

Telling a good story is key to conveying the reality of climate disruption to our audiences.

How Storytelling Can Make Climate Change Real  - Check out this article and short video, which demonstrate an effective technique on communicating climate change issues with everyday folks. It’s all about telling a story with conviction, and putting a human face on the science.

Messages Made to Stick: Six Principles to Make Your Messages Memorable - Follow these tips for making your message stick! This article outlines the six simple steps to ensure that your voice is heard, and your message is clear, when engaging in any type of meaningful dialogue.


Bringing Heart and Spirit into the Climate Movement - This article highlights the interdisciplinary nature of working towards environmental solutions.