We’ll see you in Kansas City!

Things are getting exciting here as we prepare to leave for the AZA Annual Conference in Kansas City. Here are some last minute updates and invite for our partners who will be there!Funding opportunity for our partners

We will soon be announcing some great news as just last week we learned that NOAA has funded the first year of a three-year project that will allow to TOP to launch an “Innovative Solutions Grants Program” under which our aquarium and zoo partners will be eligible to apply for grants to develop innovative local and regional campaigns that inspire visitors to take action for conservation.

Come to the following session and reception to learn more about this new opportunity!

AZA session for partners

We’ll talk more about the grants program as part of our session on
Monday, September 9th, from 4:00-5:00pm in Room 2503B.

This session, Making the “Ask” for Conservation Action, will be a brainstorm that focuses on ways in which zoos and aquariums are, or will be, working to engage visitors in conservation actions, based on how the communications research tells us that visitors want to help. Please come join the discussion, and especially bring examples and ideas to share.


Immediately after the session, Monday, September 9th, at 5:00pm in the same room (2503B), we’ll have an informal reception with refreshments.

Louisa Koch, NOAA Director of Education will say a few words. And Kelly Bennett, CEO of Greenlight Energy Group,with whom we’re working with on a pilot project around renewable energy certificates, also will be on hand.



Deb Kerr of YouthMuse and World Oceans Day Coordinator Alyssa Isakower will also be talking with partners in the Exhibit Hall on Tuesday.

More Power to You: When Teens Make Decisions

Tuesday, September 10 12:00-2:00 PM in the Exhibit Hall
Want to achieve your mission and meet your goals for conservation action? The research tells us that a good place to begin is with a focus on teenagers. With tools in their hands and your support at their backs, they will develop messages, build programs and get guests to commit to taking conservation action. And then they’ll post it online to multiply the effort. Come to this roundtable to learn from existing examples and share new ideas.

World Oceans Day, an Ocean of Opportunities for Action

Tuesday, September 10 12:00-2:00 PM in the Exhibit Hall
Special events at zoos and aquariums provide amazing opportunities for fun, learning, and action. Join World Oceans Day coordinator Alyssa Isakower and other zoo and aquarium staff at the World Oceans Day roundtable to share experiences and lessons learned from past events, and brainstorm for next year. Come to chat, express your institutions’ needs and preferences, share tips and tricks, and get excited for World Oceans Day 2014.

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