Leading the Growing Celebration of our Ocean

Bill Mott, Executive Director at The Ocean Project was recently recognized by The Ocean Foundation for his work on World Oceans Day. Named an Ocean Hero for growing a day to to celebrate our personal connections to the ocean into a global event, Bill has been working tirelessly to advance ocean conservation for almost two decades.
In December 2008, the United Nations passed a resolution officially declaring June 8th World Oceans Day.  Presidential proclamations have recognized June as “National Ocean Month” every year since 2005 and Capitol Hill Oceans Week has become a must-attend annual event for policy stakeholders. The Ocean Project has been leading the charge on World Oceans Day for a dozen years–encouraging participants to go beyond raising awareness and take real conservation action. By incorporating our best communication strategies and working closely with our partner network of over 1,600 zoos, aquariums, museums, and other conservation organizations, the celebration is bigger than ever and growing quickly.
Bill envisions World Oceans Day as the day that inspires individuals around the world to participate in ocean conservation the rest of the year.