Communicating Conservation: Weekly Resources and News

The Ocean Project posts weekly roundups of the key strategic ocean and climate communication resources we’ve been tweeting. Each link will be posted with a short description of what you’ll find—please feel free to ask us any questions!

News & Discussion

  • USA! USA! We’re No. 1! (In climate denier coverage)
    Hot on the heels of last week’s report that found the US has some of the highest levels of climate skepticism, comes this similarly distressing study. According to a new analysis of data released last year, U.S. newspapers are much more likely than their international peers to publish uncontested claims from climate deniers, many of whom are “almost exclusively found” in the U.S. media.
  • Report: ‘The Greener The Industry, The Higher The Job Growth Rate Over The Last Decade’
    A study with interesting implications for framing environmental and economic policy has just been released by the Economic Policy Institute. The group found industries composed of workers making goods and services more environmentally friendly have shown a higher growth rate in the past decade.
  • Climate Science and Science Literacy: The Strange Divergence
    Two studies published this year reveal that hearts don’t follow minds: both studies found that cultural influences trump scientific knowledge. In fact, for conservatives, higher climate change literacy is correlated with less belief that it is happening. This is important for communicators to note: more facts about climate change will not convince those who disbelieve for cultural reasons.


Some new studies, market research, toolkits, and strategies that may be helpful when communicating about conservation and climate change.

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