Time for significant progress in 2012

Happy New Year to all!  The Ocean Project looks forward to working with you and our entire network of partners (now approximately 1,500 zoos, aquariums, museums, and other conservation organizations in 80 countries) to advance ocean conservation!There is a lot on tap for this new year and we always welcome feedback on how better to help you do more for conservation.

For starters, please check out our new website! We’ve taken your input from our partner survey last year and tried to streamline the site and make it more useful for your purposes. It’s definitely still a work in progress so let us know how we can make it better for you. Please email us directly with suggestions.

We are also improving the World Oceans Day website – organize your June event now! and redoing our Seas the Day website – this personal action resource for our partners to use will focus more on youth in 2012, with changes coming soon based on input from focus groups we are continuing to conduct with groups of youth around the US.

If you’ve not yet checked out our most recent market research update, please do. We’re tracking awareness, opinions, and much more on a daily basis and will provide regular updates.

Thanks for your involvement and stay tuned for much more on a frequent basis through this blog, our Facebook site, Twitter, and, eventually, more on Linkedin.

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