Water for Life!

Question: What’s special about 70%?

Answer: 70% of Earth is covered with water and water comprises 70% of your body 
Without water neither we nor the planet’s vibrant ecosystems could survive. And yet approximately 1 billion people worldwide lack clean drinking water. This summer, an historic vote in the United Nations General Assembly brought attention to this striking global problem. The new declaration raises hopes for the future of water conservation on our “blue planet.”Among the human rights declared by the UN in 1948 are food, health, and education. But until July 28, 2010 access to clean water and sanitation were not included in this list. The new declaration names access to safe and clean water and sanitation as a human right and lays out goals for righting this wrong for so many millions of our fellow world citizens who lack clean drinking water.


The Ocean Project invites you to celebrate this historic event with us and spread the word about the need to manage our water resources responsibly—from oceans and waterways on a global scale to the water cycle happening in your backyard! Learn more about freshwater issues on the ocean issues Web page.

With water demand expected to exceed supply by 40% in 20 years, the UN declaration lays out practical steps to reduce this wide gap. It is also a clear moral affirmation that water should be seen as a public trust rather than a commodity.

August is Water Conservation month on The Ocean Project’s personal action website. So next time you enjoy a steamy shower or turn on your lawn sprinkler this summer, be thankful for this necessary human right and think of the less fortunate on our planet. Together, by each doing our parts, we can help conserve valuable water resources and provide for a brighter future for all people and creatures on our planet.