Happy World Oceans Day!

Happy World Oceans Day to our Partners and Friends around the world!
This year’s World Oceans Day event is bigger and better than ever, thanks to the involvement of hundreds of organizations in dozens of countries.
While today is a time to celebrate the world’s ocean, and our personal connection to the sea, it is also a time to reflect on why the ocean’s health is linked to our own personal health, and how what we do to the ocean, we end up doing, eventually, to ourselves. In short, it’s a good time to help make taking care of the ocean a higher priority, personally and politically.
The ongoing environmental, social, and economic disaster in the Gulf of Mexico with the BP oil spill shows how vulnerable the ocean is to human pressures, and also serves as a terrible reminder as to how addicted to oil we are as a society. This year, let’s all begin to work harder on weaning ourselves from our oil addiction, and make the world a healthier, and safer, place for all of us, including the diversity of animal and plant life in the ocean.
Each of us can really make positive difference and today is a great day to commit – or re-commit – to making a concerted effort to remember the ocean, not only today but as we move forward with our busy lives, and strive to protect and conserve the ocean for our generation and for future generations. There are many of small, and also bigger, ways we can help. Learn more about how to help and Seas the Day today and then spread the word!

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