The Ocean Picture Of the Day

Due to the overwhelming success of both the Earth Science Picture of the Day (ESPOD) and Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) daily picture sites, The Ocean Project has rolled out the Ocean Picture of the Day (OPOD), available to you since September 1, 2009.

While the ESPOD and APOD sites connect us to scientific principles that indirectly bring out the awe in our respect for planet Earth and space, the OPOD is a place for world citizens to proclaim love for our world’s shared ocean. Why don’t you submit an ocean-related (or Great Lakes related) photo and tag the emotion that came along with participating in that photo shoot. The Ocean Project staff will contact you via the e-mail address you provide to let you know when your picture has been selected.

We can all be mindful of the ocean so we can consider its conservation more often in our day-to-day lives. Images have amazing power to stir individuals to action and by participating in the OPOD service, you can tell part of your story. Share your favorite ocean image to help remind everyone of why it’s important to protect and conserve our oceans and coasts.

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