“one ocean one climate one future”

If you’re not already planning an event, now is the time to rally your colleagues and plan an exciting event on or around World Ocean Day, June 8th, at your facility or organization.The Ocean Project, working with the World Ocean Network, helps to coordinate events and activities with aquariums, zoos, museums, conservation organizations, universities, schools, businesses around the world. Already, many exciting events have been planned,

The theme for WOD 09 – “one ocean, one climate, one future” – will help bring local and global attention to the impact climate change is having on the ocean, what that impact will mean for ocean and human life. Our polling work and that of others shows that the public is not making the connections between climate change and ocean health. This lack of public awareness is a critical concern as we individually and collectively strive to educate with visitors and the public about how to make important changes to reduce our CO2 emissions, halt climate change, and preserve our children’s ocean legacy.

World Ocean Day provides an opportunity to join with people in all countries to celebrate our world’s ocean, which connects us all. Together, we can make a real difference! Visit the World Ocean Day website to add your event to the growing list of participating organizations, get ideas for celebration activities, access the tools in the updated media and outreach Kit, and more! Click here for Día Mundial del Océano website en Español.

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