Why Bother On the Eve of Earth Day

Why Bother?

Over thirty years ago Wendell Berry, the Kentucky farmer and writer, put forward a blunt analysis of us human beings when he argued that the environmental crisis of the 1970s was at its heart a crisis of character and would have to be addressed first at home. He was impatient with people who wrote checks to environmental organizations while thoughtlessly squandering fossil fuel in their everyday lives — the 1970s equivalent of people buying carbon offsets to atone for their Tahoes and Durangos today.Michael Pollan’s thought-provoking article in the New York Times reviews Berry’s thinking in the light of the global climate crisis of our era
and let’s us know that what each of us does (or doesn’t do) really does
matter – quite the appropriate read on the eve of Earth Day.

As always, remember to Seas the Day!

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