The Ocean Project is unique in many ways. Formed by senior representatives of several aquariums and conservation organizations in the late 1990s, The Ocean Project’s advisors include some of the most well-respected thinkers and doers in the aquarium, zoo, and conservation communities, as well as incredibly talented young people from around the world.

Our World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council is helping develop the reach and impact of World Oceans Day, especially by engaging youth, the media,  and decision-makers. Our Leadership Council and Advisory Council serve as consultative bodies to assist The Ocean Project team in various aspects related to our strategic direction and key initiatives.


Chris Andrews, Ph.D.
Head, Merlin Animal Welfare and Development – US
SEA LIFE Aquariums

Paul J. Boyle, Ph.D., Co-Founder
BioVisions --- Strategy Consulting

James M. Hekkers, Co-Founder
IMPACTS Research

John Nightingale, Ph.D., Co-Founder
CEO & President
Ocean Wise

Patrick O’Callaghan
Executive Director
Deliberate Impact

Kathy Sher, Co-Founder
Deputy Director of External Affairs
National Aquarium

Vikki N. Spruill, Co-Founder
President & CEO
New England Aquarium

Greg Stone, Ph.D., Co-Founder
Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist for Oceans
Conservation International

Bert Vescolani
Denver Zoo

Mark J. Spalding
The Ocean Foundation

The Ocean Foundation, based in Washington, DC, serves as the fiscal sponsor for The Ocean Project

World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council

Caitlin Philipps, Australia

Patricia Zanella, Brazil

Kehkashan Basu, Canada

Gabriella Schauber, Canada

Wenqin Zhang, China

Brandon Koots, Curacao

Sofia El-Rass, Denmark

Anna Zaske, Denmark

Ibrahi Rodriguez, Ecuador

Sang-Jin Kim, Germany

Nehara Pandey, India

Melati Wijsen, Indonesia

Gabrielle Tan, Malaysia

Mohammed Wahabi, Morocco

Rufai Balogun, Nigeria

Eugenia Barroca, Portugal

Olivia Taylor, South Africa

La TIsha Parkinson, Trinidad & Tobago

Baylee Ritter, USA

Cade Terada, USA

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