Reaching Youth

The audience you’re trying to reach can determine how you choose to communicate.

Our ongoing communications research has clearly identified youth and minorities (with an emphasis on English as a Second Language households) as two audiences in the United States that have the greatest potential to shift the baseline in conservation participation. We are continuing to conduct research in the US (and soon, with funding, in other countries) to better understand these and other audiences and will update this page on a regular basis.

Download our special report on youth in America

FAQ on Youth

Youth have consistently been identified as a critical constituency in our research. What do we know about this target audience? What are the best ways to reach them? This fact sheet provides important findings and implications for reaching out to this important audience.


In this section, we have the latest information on The Ocean Project-supported youth programs. Stay tuned for more resources on why it’s important to reach diverse audiences in environmental communications.

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