Tell a local story

The average person has 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts every single day. That’s a LOT of ideas to be sorted and dealt with! Considering the mental maelstrom, how can we make the complex threat of climate change seem worth not only thinking about, but possibly making major life changes to address? One reason climate change is […]

Tell a wildly emotional story

Climate change is a big story. It’s such a big story in fact, it sometimes seems larger than life – and WAY too big to do anything about. As we’ve talked about before, it’s important to keep climate change real and tangible. One way to do that is to narrow the frame and tell a […]

Communications medley: putting a human face on climate change

In this week’s round up: How to deliver a relevant message on climate change by framing it as a human problem. If you’re a science communicator or educator at an informal science center (such as a zoo, aquarium, or museum) trying to understand the perspectives of your audience and find ways to promote conservation action – […]

Happy belated birthday the father of the nature documentary

This is a guest post by Stephen Whitmore Jacques Cousteau, who would have turned 103 years old on June 11th, once remarked that “the sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net forever.” Cousteau’s films and lifetime of work did more to cast that spell by increasing public awareness and interest in […]