ISG+ Update: Zoo-Alive teen volunteers at the Saint Louis Zoo take the #byetobags pledge and spread the word!

This guest post is submitted by Kirinne Slaughter at the Saint Louis Zoo, and is the second in a 3-part series on their Innovative Solutions Grants+ project. Since our last post, our Zoo ALIVE (ZA) teen volunteers have been hard at work helping Zoo visitors say #byetobags! Successfully building on the lessons learned from the […]

Tell a local story

The average person has 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts every single day. That’s a LOT of ideas to be sorted and dealt with! Considering the mental maelstrom, how can we make the complex threat of climate change seem worth not only thinking about, but possibly making major life changes to address? One reason climate change is […]

Environmental communications lessons: always relevant

This is a guest post by Deb Kerr who has worked with The Ocean Project as consultant on youth engagement. Most of my talks lately have begun with a “Family Feud”-style question with an environmental twist. Relying on excellent research from The Ocean Project (TOP), I pose this question to the audience: “Americans said, ‘I […]

Communications medley: Survey roundup and framing tips

In this week’s round up: How millennials are thinking about transportation, Americans view environment more important than growth, and the impacts of recent weather events on public perception of climate change. If you’re a science communicator or educator at an informal science center (such as a zoo, aquarium, or museum) trying to understand the perspectives […]

Talking to Teens about Talking to Angry “Birds”

Deb Kerr on why teens who want environmental action don’t need to preach to the choir nor the critics. Relief. That’s the first reaction I get from teenagers when I start explaining the choir, congregation and non-believer model—relief to be off the hook and no longer under pressure to persuade and convert someone who is […]

Climate communication: know thy audience, know thyself

Our friends over at EcoAmerica have published an insightful overview, “Communicating on Climate: 13 Steps and Guiding Principles,” that pairs nicely with the recent research by the Climate Literacy Zoo Education Network (CliZEN), as well as the ongoing research we’ve been doing here at The Ocean Project. “Communicating on Climate” offers a set of quick tips for audience […]

Communication medley: lessons from Lady Gaga

In this week’s round up: complicated polling on climate opinions, the so-called ‘climate pause’ is actually a success story, lessons for communicators from Lady Gaga, indigenous leaders abandon faith in the UN, PLUS – can museums advance action AND enhance experience? If you’re a science communicator or educator at an informal science center (such as […]