Advice from the Innovators:  A summary of lessons learned in public engagement from year three of the Innovative Solutions Grants + Program (ISG+)

Our grantees from year three have completed their projects and submitted their final reports, which are filled with tips and lessons for other aquariums and zoos that share their interest in engaging visitors and advancing conservation.  Many thanks to NOAA for making these grants possible. Per your request, we’ve compiled this summary of the top […]

Visitor engagement opportunity: COP21 and being part of the solution

With extensive news coverage of climate change talks underway at COP21 in Paris, and two-thirds of Americans wanting the US to take action, now is an especially good time to engage visitors at zoos, aquariums, and other trusted visitor-serving organizations. But what is the best way? Our research indicates that visitors probably don’t want aquariums and zoos to attempt to explain the ins […]

Visitor engagement opportunity: new CA microbead ban

Great news in ocean conservation: Today the Governor of California signed the toughest bill to date banning microbeads. Our research suggests that news events like this one offer an important, albeit often fleeting opportunity, to connect with guests on ocean issues. We encourage you, especially staff at zoos and aquariums, to take advantage of it! Why talk […]

Innovative Solutions: Three projects completed, some great advice, and new opportunities ahead!

The three winners from the initial round of The Ocean Project’s Innovative Solutions Grants+ Program completed their projects earlier this year, and since that time we’ve been compiling the cross referencing the results to help guide those getting ready to submit their applications for next year, and prepare for a session at the AZA Annual […]

Shaping a conservation “ask”

For World Oceans Day this year, we’re encouraging all participating organizations to create celebrations that go beyond raising awareness to inspiring action under the theme, “Together we have the power to protect the ocean!” We want to make real change for the ocean, so we need to ask people to do something to keep the […]

Climate communication: know thy audience, know thyself

Our friends over at EcoAmerica have published an insightful overview, “Communicating on Climate: 13 Steps and Guiding Principles,” that pairs nicely with the recent research by the Climate Literacy Zoo Education Network (CliZEN), as well as the ongoing research we’ve been doing here at The Ocean Project. “Communicating on Climate” offers a set of quick tips for audience […]

The power in promoting renewable energy certificates

The announcement of our innovative solutions grant program seems to have sparked renewed discussion among our partners about the actions that visitors can take to help conserve the ocean. One particularly hot option, no pun intended, is to ask visitors to choose green power as this not only helps the ocean and its animals by reducing […]