Environmental communications lessons: always relevant

This is a guest post by Deb Kerr who has worked with The Ocean Project as consultant on youth engagement. Most of my talks lately have begun with a “Family Feud”-style question with an environmental twist. Relying on excellent research from The Ocean Project (TOP), I pose this question to the audience: “Americans said, ‘I […]

Talking to Teens about Talking to Angry “Birds”

Deb Kerr on why teens who want environmental action don’t need to preach to the choir nor the critics. Relief. That’s the first reaction I get from teenagers when I start explaining the choir, congregation and non-believer model—relief to be off the hook and no longer under pressure to persuade and convert someone who is […]

Lessons Learned: Best Practices for Youth Campaigns

Working with youth is incredibly important for the future of environmental protection. Not only has our communications research told us youth of today are the most socially conscious and environmentally aware generation with the most household influence on environmentally responsible actions, another recent study shows “(not) since 1972 has a generation played such a significant […]