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You can multiply your positive effect on our blue planet by informing and inspiring others in your community!

Seas the Day

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Ask for what you want, not what
you're willing to settle for.

Marion Stoddart

seas the day Act for the angelfish by showing friends and family your blue side. Do the people around you know just how much you care for the oceans and the environment? At your next gathering, share some things that you have done to be a little more eco-friendly. The best way to make individual action contagious is to be an example for other people. By keeping it light, fun, and friendly, you can make your actions go much further! You can also share your love for the ocean by submitting your favorite photograph to the Ocean Picture of the Day and then sharing this site with your network of friends.

seas the dayTurn the tide for turtles by directing your positive energy toward other like-minded people. A little praise can go a long way. If you feel that there is an individual, a government official, an organization, or a company that stands out as a conservation leader let them know through a simple thank you e-mail or a letter to your local paper’s editor. It's easier to work for change when empowered by a network of appreciative and supportive friends. Get some other ideas here!

seas the dayMake a whale of an effort by getting active on overarching policy issues. Behind every successful movement there are people just like you who take the time to speak out or submit written comments to public officials. You can begin participating in public hearings — such as those held in city and town halls throughout the U.S. — by being aware of the local issues addressed in each meeting. At these types of forums your participation makes a huge difference, whether attending in person or submitting online. Wherever you live, you can bring the issues most important to you to the attention of our leaders.

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