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Save energy to save our seas

You can multiply your positive effect on our blue planet by conserving energy in your home and eductating others to do so as well!

Seas the Day

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We simply must balance our demand
for energy with our rapidly shrinking
resources. By acting now we can control
our future instead of letting the future
control us.

Jimmy Carter

seas the day Act for the angelfish by flipping the switch. It’s so easy to forget but yet so easy to do. Every time you walk out of a room turn off your lights, fans, computer monitor, anything that is using energy that you won’t use when outside the room. Same idea; if you plan on sitting in your car for more then a couple seconds, just turn your engine off. It’s actually hard to imagine how much energy people could save if everyone consistently turned things off when not in use.

seas the dayTurn the tide for turtles by going energy star. If you are in the market for a new major appliance or even just a light bulb, it’s a great way to show your blue side. Today, energy efficient appliances are doing the same job but with substantially less energy then their older counterparts. The choices we make like choosing a laptop over a desktop or saying no to the electric can opener will all contribute to the ambition of saving a lot of energy.

seas the dayMake a whale of an effort by getting involved with green energy. Renewable energies like solar and wind power are becoming more and more popular sources that can supply your houses and businesses with energy. As many wait for prices to come down, it’s great to become more knowledgeable on how these systems work and how they can work for you. By educating yourself on the issue of green energies, you can become more engaged in the community, state, and nation wide discussions on where we get our energy from in the future.

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