Buy sustainably produced, fairly traded, and/or socially responsible gifts.

Reduce, reuse, recycle, rethink

Consider all of the items you buy in a typical month including the materials they're made with.

Seas the Day

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Use it up, wear it out, make it do,
or do without

New England Proverb

seas the day Act for the angelfish by thinking twice when you decide to toss it. That vintage bicycle was never fated for the rubbish pile! We turn down many opportunities to refurbish products headed for a landfill. Many household items can be reused—from old T-shirts and shoe boxes to glass jars and single-sided paper. If you don’t need it in your home, maybe someone else does. Donate unused clothes and furniture to a thrift store. Or, to find people in your area interested in reducing waste by exchanging used goods visit

seas the dayTurn the tide for turtles by keeping a "lifestyle journal" for one week in November. Making a personal change starts with knowing yourself. This week, try to keep track of your shopping habits, how far you travel, what type of transportation you use, and what household products keep your home clean. The next step is to visualize how your daily activities could be altered. Be imaginative! Every change you make is a small way to simplify your life and reduce your impact on our ocean.

seas the dayMake a whale of an effort by recycling to the max. You can spare your old car from a junk yard by sending it to a recycling center instead! Start small with paper and glass recyclables and then challenge yourself and your family to fill up the trash bin more slowly each week. Think about how much you can recycle that currently goes to waste. Batteries, cell phones, computers, and every type of plastic—to name a few—can all be brought back into the market instead of ending up underground.

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