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Go green in the garden

Create a truly green garden. Put away the lawn and garden chemicals this month if you have a yard, and encourage your local school or park authorities to do the same.

Seas the Day

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The force that through the
green fuse drives the flower
drives my green age.

Dylan Thomas

seas the day Act for the angelfish by taking some time to learn about the practices and benefits of green gardening. The basics are easy for growing some of your own organic food. Beautify your home and yard by adding flower boxes and planting a mini organic herb and vegetable garden in your backyard or in pots. Herb and vegetable gardens are also great projects to do with kids!

seas the dayTurn the tide for turtles by making your lawn and garden ocean friendly. Minimize the amount of water you use in your yard by fixing leaky hoses and switching to smart water sprinklers or drip irrigation. Low maintenance native plants that are well adapted to your local environment and don't need much water or fertilizer will also save you time and money. Switch to non-toxic alternatives to commonly used poisonous lawn pesticides which rain can wash into storm drains and water supplies, harming ocean creatures downstream.

seas the dayMake a whale of an effort by getting your whole community involved. Share what you are learning with others in your community. The more people who know how simple it can be to make a difference, the greater the positive difference! What you are learning and sharing will truly benefit your own community, and the ocean community. And if you are really inspired, work to create a community garden.

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