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Improve your commute

Try going car-free for at least one day this month to cut down on your carbon footprint. Climate change interferes with the ocean's role as regulator of our planet's weather.

Seas the Day

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Walking is the best possible exercise.
Habituate yourself to walk very far.

Thomas Jefferson

seas the day Act for the anglefish by slowing down. When driving, it's best to become a "slow and steady" driver. It may take a new mindset, but try to accelerate more gradually and slow down on the roads. The fuel efficiency of an average car improves significantly on highways if you don't speed; for instance, driving at 75 mph (120km/h) rather than 65 mph (105 km/h) increases gasoline use by 25 percent. Fuel efficiency improves even further if you slow down to 55 mph (90km/h)! With spring coming (at least in the northern hemisphere) you can also begin to think of new ways to transport yourself that will help save our ocean planet.

seas the day by becoming a conscientious commuter. Many of us are addicted to their cars. Even though there are many easy ways to use the car less, with the added benefits of saving money and getting much needed exercise. You can walk and bike more often, take public transportation regularly, actively seek carpooling partners, suggest carless days in your work place, or work from home sometimes. Fewer cars on the roads means less greenhouse gas emissions wreaking havoc on coral reefs around the world, better air for us all to breathe, and less water pollution from runoff from leaking oil and toxic car liquids.

seas the day by making you and your community less car-dependent. Supporting good public transit, such as buses and trains, is a long-term investment and requires a real commitment, but small actions like letters to your local paper or to public officials will go a long way to help. You can use this tool to measure the benefits of actual or proposed transit investments in your community. Don't forget that the real costs of car ownership are quite significant, too. And remember, you can get started just by using your bike and setting a positive example. The more people see others commuting consciously, the more likely they are to do the same! Implementing a green commuting option within work helps employers reduce costs, keep good employees, and showcase their company. The U.S. Government business link provides some helpful information and tools on how to implement a telecommuting initiative that will ensures increase in business productivity and employee satisfaction.

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