Rapid Fire Round Up

There is so much good stuff to share this week that we’re doing it rapid-fire! We can continue the conversation in the comments, on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – heck, you can even email us. It’s been a very interesting week for strategic conservation communicators, so read on for some polls, news, and potential storytelling angles. […]

Special Round Up: risk as a climate change frame

Since we did our Weekly Communications Round Up on Monday this week, I thought I’d take a closer look at an interesting meme circulating through the climate change blogosphere: risk. There is a lot of talk about belief in climate change. All you have to do is look through our past Communications Round Ups and […]

Seas the Day in March – Become a conscious commuter!

The Seas the Day initiative is meant to encourage and empower people to begin taking ocean conservation personally. It was created mainly to support our partner ZAMs (Zoos, Aquariums, and Museums and other visitor-serving organizations involved in our growing network) in motivating visitors and other individuals, both onsite and online, for conservation action. We have […]

Lessons Learned: Best Practices for Youth Campaigns

Working with youth is incredibly important for the future of environmental protection. Not only has our communications research told us youth of today are the most socially conscious and environmentally aware generation with the most household influence on environmentally responsible actions, another recent study shows “(not) since 1972 has a generation played such a significant […]

Weekly Comm. Round Up: cheap coal causes pricey illness

Happy International Women’s Day! This week we have articles about the climate gender gap, how cheap coal makes for expensive health problems, updates on the Six Americas and more. It’s mostly opinion and analysis this week as opposed to resources, so I’ve changed the format a bit for this post. Don’t be alarmed – like […]

Thanks to Jane Lubchenco

Last week Dr. Jane Lubchenco completed her tenure at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). Nominated by President Obama in 2008 as part of his “Science Team”, she served as Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and Administrator of NOAA since 2009 during which time she helped strengthen the role of science and […]

Weekly Roundup: Americans have an attitude

LOTS of good stuff today in the round-up! Of course by “good” I mean “interesting,” considering the first item. This week we cover an apathetic global public, playing games with Al Gore, and how losing predators means gaining harmful CO2. The Ocean Project posts these round-ups of key strategic ocean and climate communication resources we’ve […]