7 miles deep

  Congratulations to James Cameron and the DeepSea Challenge team!  On March 26th, Cameron achieved something historic when he went to the deepest point on our ocean planet, Mariana Trench’s Challenger Deep, about seven miles (11 kilometers) below the ocean surface. It is located approximately 200 miles (322 kilometers) southwest of Guam in the Pacific […]

Are young people less “green”?

A recent study has set the US environmental community all abuzz in the past week, revealing that compared Baby Boomers and Generation X’ers, Millennials are less green and less inclined to do anything for the environment.  The study has impressive scale (two sets of data total more than 9 million respondents) and longitude (almost 40 […]

How can we take action on ocean acidification?

With the rate of ocean acidification accelerating rapidly, we need to take action, individually, at the community level, and as a society. Resource managers and policymakers can help, but they need to hear from us. Without the political will, it’s hard to make change on the scale needed. Fortunately, we have an opportunity to get […]

Ocean Acidification: Osteoporosis of the ocean?

Ocean acidification has been studied by scientists for years with growing alarm, but the extent of the problem was not fully known. A study just out this month makes it quite clear: marine scientists warn that the rate of ocean acidification occurring is unprecedented in the last 300 million years.  Why is the ocean becomingmore […]

Communicating to “the general public”?

So who is your audience? Is it the “general public”? Is it the ten year old Girl Guide looking to earn her merit badge, or the 78-year old grandfather taking his grandchild to the zoo? Or perhaps you are thinking of speaking to the 38-year old migrant worker who holds down 3 jobs to support […]

Sign on to support essential education programs!

For nearly a decade, NOAA and EPA education programs have been essential to advancing ocean, climate, and environmental literacy in the United States, a major goal of both the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy Report and the National Policy for the Stewardship of the Ocean, Coasts, and Great Lakes.  On February 13, 2012, however, President […]