Taking action and changing minds, and vice versa

As zoos, aquariums, and museums increasingly use market research from The Ocean Project and other sources to become more strategic and effective communicators and educators for conservation action with their audiences, it might prove helpful to see how the environmental movement is showing signs of shifting course in their messaging. Although there are always exceptions, […]

Time to Take Action on Climate Change Communication

In today’s issue of Science, a leading a group of respected climate scientists, social scientists, economists, and others put forth a call for the science and funding communities to support a new initiative that will bring the public up to speed quickly on climate change. Concurrently, they launched ClimateEngage.org to have people from all walks […]

NOAA Announces Environmental Literacy Grants for Science Education

NOAA’s Office of Education announced today that it has awarded grants totaling more than $8 million to seventeen institutions – including several TOP Partners – across the country to engage the public in science education activities that improve understanding and stewardship of the local and global environment. These seventeen grants will fund thirteen projects: University […]