Oceans need policy action from ZAMs

Our world ocean suffers from a lack of international leadership, we in the United States still need a comprehensive national ocean policy, and according to our latest research and that of others, our society clearly lacks any sort of collective conservation consciousness. Aggressive and strong conservation-minded policies are direly needed, and zoos, aquariums, museums (ZAMs), […]

World Oceans Day 2009 recap

Congratulations to all who participated in World Oceans Day 2009, the biggest celebration ever of our world’s ocean! This year over 230 organizations and institutions organized events worldwide, with more than 70 in the US alone, including the public aquariums and national NGOs. From a Presidential proclamation and lighting of the Empire State building in […]

Come learn and play in Portland!

Don’t forget to register for the annual conference of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). This year, the Oregon Zoo is hosting in Portland, Oregon, nicely situated between the mountains and the coast. This year’s conference for zoo and aquarium professionals promises some great programming and networking. One panel that we are helping to […]

The Reef Tank blog

The Reef Tank recently blogged about World Oceans Day, The Ocean Project, and director Bill Mott. It’s a brief read and may be of interest to some. Here is the intro paragraph: Better late then never! World Oceans Day may have come and gone but The Ocean Project, one of the group behind many of […]

President Obama sets up Ocean Policy Task Force

Declaring June as “National Oceans Month”, President Obama put some teeth into this proclamation by establishing an Ocean Policy Task Force. It will be comprised of senior level officials and will draft several recommendations, as well as develop a “comprehensive, integrated, ecosystem-based” framework for sustainably regarding US oceans, coasts and the Great Lakes.

Did you know that the average American adult receives 41 pounds of junk mail per year? Creating and shipping junk mail produces more greenhouse gas emissions than 9 million cars, and the adverse effects of these gases – for example, ocean acidification – are detrimental to the health of our ocean. The Ocean Project’s recent […]

New research findings now available: America, the Ocean, and Climate Change

The Ocean Project has just released our latest survey results – America, the Ocean, and Climate Change: New Insights for Conservation, Awareness, and Action. it’s the largest ever on any environmental issue, with 22,000 adult respondents in the United States. This research expanded considerably on The Ocean Project’s research from 1999. There are many important […]

“Wear Blue and Tell Two” for World Oceans Day

With the newly official World Oceans Day coming up June 8th, The Ocean Project encourages Partners to launch a “Wear Blue and Tell Two” campaign to celebrate. Participation is easy: wear blue in honor of the ocean, and tell people two things they likely don’t know about the ocean and ways they can take action. […]