That Buzz in Your Ear May Be Green Noise

Alex Williams of the New York Times reports on the phenomenon of green noise – static caused by urgent, sometimes vexing or even contradictory information played at too high a volume for too long. Two years after “An Inconvenient Truth” helped unleash a new tide of environmental activism, green noise pulses through the collective consciousness […]

Tracking Ocean Legislation

E&E Daily reports that several major pieces of oceans legislation are on the move in Congress this year, ranging from coral reef protections to the Law of the Sea ratification measure, are unlikely to make it into law before 2009, senior congressional staff members and oceans advocates say. Ocean advocates assembled for “Capitol Hill Oceans […]

Science Playing Limited Role in Stem Cell Debate

A story begins by suggesting that, when forming attitudes about embryonic stem cell research, people are influenced by a number of things. But understanding science plays a negligible role for many people. “More knowledge is good – everybody is on the same page about that. But will that knowledge necessarily help build support for […]

Environmental Skeptics Are Overwhelmingly Politicized

Ben Block reports that a review of environmental skepticism literature from the past 30 years has found that the vast majority of skeptics, often identified as independent, are directly linked to politically oriented, conservative think tanks. The study, published in this month’s issue of EnvironmentalPolitics, analyzed books written between 1972 and 2005 that deny the […]

What Condoms Have to Do with Climate Change

Bryan Walsh of Time Magazine reports: As the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Gen. Michael Hayden should have some insight on the biggest threats facing the U.S. But when Hayden recently described what he saw as the most troublesome trend over the next several decades, it wasn’t terrorism or climate change. It was overpopulation […]

Leatherback Turtles in the News

The New York Times reports that for the first time since the 1930’s, federal biologists confirmed that a leatherback sea turtle has nested on a Texas beach, at the Padre Island National Seashore near Corpus Christi. Last Friday, staff conducting a beach patrol found turtle tracks and a few exposed eggs. They were thought at […]

Targeting Behavior Workshop

What is Targeting Behavior? Conservation International’s Targeting Behavior methodology is a systematic approach to research and participatory planning that empowers people to identify targeted learning needs and develop practical and integrated solutions. Programs are designed to target key audiences who can leverage conservation action in priority areas across the globe, including communities, businesses, governments and […]

World Ocean Day 2008

World Ocean Day passed with record high temperatures for June 8th in much of the northeast United States. Just another favor of Mother Nature to get us all to the ocean. Many organizations registered their event with the Ocean Project’s World Ocean Day Event List service. Stories of fun times had continue to pour in […]