Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick Signs Ocean Resources Bill

Concern over competing ocean uses is growing nationwide, and some states, including California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Florida, and North Carolina, have created ocean authorities or announced plans to better manage state waters. Massachusetts has gone the furthest in creating a law – and an ambitious timeline to develop a plan for managing ocean resources. “With […]

Sharks Swim Closer to Extinction

BBC News reports that more than half of the world’s ocean-going sharks are at risk of extinction, a new analysis concludes. Specialists with IUCN (formerly the World Conservation Union) found that 11 species are on the high-risk list, with five more showing signs of decline. Sharks are particularly affected by over-fishing as they reproduce slowly. […]

Bush Eyes Unprecedented Conservation Program

John Neilsen reports that the Bush administration is considering launching one of the biggest conservation programs in U.S. history. If implemented, President George W. Bush could, with the stroke of a pen, protect vast stretches of U.S. territorial waters from fishing, oil exploration and other forms of commercial development. The initiative could also create some […]

Hope Comes in Popular Volunteer Movements

More than 50 000 volunteers came out on May 4th to participate in the big clean-up day in Estonia – organized by the civic initiative called Let’s Do It! 2008 started by Estonian tech millionaires – founder of Skype, Ahti Heinla and founder of Microlink, Rainer Nõlvak. More than 3% of Estonian population of 1.3 […]

Whale sightings off Chile raise hope

The Los Angeles Times reports that in recent years, researchers combing remote crannies of Chile’s elongated coast have confirmed the presence of two seasonally resident populations of whales, including 100 to 150 humpbacks in the glacier-rimmed Strait of Magellan. Farther to the north, closer to the seas once frequented by Mocha Dick, they’ve tracked several […]

Warmer waters creating ‘underwater deserts’

Lauren Morello, a ClimateWire reporter, reports that rising temperatures are expanding oxygen-starved areas in the world’s oceans, a trend that could eventually threaten fisheries and coastal economies, according to new research. Over the last 50 years, low-oxygen zones in the equatorial Pacific and tropical Atlantic oceans – “underwater deserts” that support little marine life – […]

Zoos and Aquariums Committing to Conservation

January 23-26, 2009Houston, Texas The Houston Zoo will host the next bi-annual Zoos and Aquariums Committing to Conservation (ZACC) Conference in January 2009. Those who have attended past conferences can attest to the incredible enthusiasm and opportunities for conservation partnerships that such events have produced, and ZACC 2009 will be no exception. Two years ago […]

US Ordered to Act on Polar Bear

World BBC reports that a judge has told the US government to decide within weeks whether to list polar bears as an endangered species. The decision was hailed by conservation groups which have been hounding the government on the issue for years. The federal judge rejected the Bush administration’s pleas for a further delay, and […]